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   Support Home     This web site was designed to answer many of the questions we're asked daily. We provided pictures of the screens to walk you through setups and configuration settings. If you do not find the answers you are looking for here, please contact us.
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With SimpleSubmit! you now have the ability to submit your site to 18 search engines right from this web site. Click the link below and fill out the form. Once again, we go that extra mile for our clients!!!

   • Submit your site to search engines

• Having trouble finding the information to contact us?
We have two phone numbers and you should probably know which one to call to get the support you need.
This site contains many large graphics.
Each page may take a while to load.

• Clients are encouraged to download and install one of our Cintek Support Wizard help files.  This file mirrors this site in almost every detail and provides walk-throughs with pictures of many different Internet setups in various operating systems.  You can also use this file to help you diagnose connection problems should they arise.  Don't wait until there's a problem.  Do it now!!

• Do you have Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 and would like to know how to configure it?  Here's the place.   We've assembled a small web site just for you!!  Click Here.  You can also download the portable version onto your computer for faster reference by clicking here.

• Not quite sure which version - or even which browser you are using?  This handy little script will tell you.  You must have a javascript enabled browser for this to work.

• You can save time in emailing us by checking out the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page. We've collected many different questions over the years and have provided some solid answers.

If you would like to voice your feedback, please feel free.  Click here.


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